Sunday, February 15, 2015

Storytelling as a Source of Innovation in the Marketplace

I have taken advantage of quite a few of the free entrepreneurial
courses offered in Philadelphia. These courses are populated largely by
men and women who wish to create enterprises (mostly nonprofits) to help
fill the void for services they themselves needed when they had lost their
hope and become victims of their traumatic challenges.

Storytelling can cause seriously dramatic outcomes by helping people
re-frame their stories with themselves the protagonist. The outcomes are
most productive because the act of telling and the gift of being listened
to can create safe spaces where individuals can re-create themselves and
re-envision their futures through forgiveness, compassion, humor and
letting go of old and outdated ways of being.

In addition,, a business news website, has reported
that many companies are actively seeking people with disabilities to hire
due to their fresh and innovative perspectives on what may have been age
old challenges in business. It is a well documented fact that people with
disabilities are known to be steadfast, loyal and highly regarded assets to
the companies that do hire them through Evidence Based Practices such as
Supported Employment Programs (see SAMHSA website).

I know my partner, Tony Breccia, and I have a potential goldmine of an
idea. One that can help heal many wounds in this country and abroad,
while, in the process, creating fertile ground for new entrepreneurial
ventures in the USA and across the globe.

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